Jan 11, 2010

soon-to-be owner of lomo is a cheapskate

I was reading my previous post about me being a cheapskate and I realized something horribly wrong. haha. It's so obvious that I've been blinded by my greediness of owning the GH. Hello. If I am a true cheapskate, why not just get the Holga or the Smena instead??

God, I can't believe I'm so picky. Well heck, I can afford to be as choosy as I want, right? it's my $$$ and I'm currently low on cash btw. Plus, a LOT of things to save up for. Far more important things like Oreo supplies and a new bedsheet. So this toy will be (hopefully) the last thing that I'm going to invest on. I'm talking about long-term benefits. And amazing results yay! Wish me luck on this one. hehe.

For now let's take a look at the Holga and the Smena.

Holga 135 (RM 175)

Holga 135 Camera
就像一幅水彩 by *SAM.dreamland by yishi.ho.Holga 135BC | Lomography Fine Color 100 by voodooprojekt.She by Edoardo Bonaccorsi.La Lechera by I, noise..tenho tara por este prédio by jujubaz.a mais clichê by jujubaz.

Lomo Smena 8M (RM 140)
The Smena 8M

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems that the Holga 135 has a certain bias towards the sky, or should I say, the Holga users, no? Most of the pictures are blue-ish. And not just that, the Smena 8M too, but this time it focuses on the green side of things. Haha.

Why can't I just make up my mind already?? Arrrrrrrghhh!! It's quiet hard choosing the right one with no vintage camera shops around the corner for me to hang out at and try out every single one of them. Wait. I can't do that. Not with a toy camera. I keep on forgetting that lomos aren't digital. lol. How am I supposed to take a look at the results of the shot I took then? Obviously, this ain't making my job any easier. This requires patience. This requires washing the film. And to complete the roll of film, you gotta wait. And the last thing to do is hope that it comes out good, or better than we expected it to be. 


  1. nak beli kamera tuhh!!
    kat mana jual?

  2. yg tuh tu mane?haha. Smena ke Holga?
    just go to www.theclickshop.net. buy online. COD pun boleh :P